Hundreds of young people in Hanoi have actively participated in event “ 2017 Summer Campaign- volunteer for startup business” held by Hanoi Young Startup (HYS) from 15th May to 18th August, 2017.

Each volunteer registering on this event will have experienced directly right at certain business for at least 3 weeks.

You will be trained necessary skills to understand market and then market ceramic products for Minh Chau ceramic company. Besides, young people will be conscientiously instructed how to deliver products to retailers and agencies. They can know more about marketing toys procedure at Clever kid academy.

Screen Shot 2017-07-21 at 20.11.42 Young people in HYS club together participate in the campaign (Credit: Ngoc Tram)

Screen Shot 2017-07-21 at 20.49.38Young people are being trained in entrepreneurial skills (Credit: Ngoc Tram)

“Taking part in Summer Campaign of Hanoi Young Startup club, I have volunteered as a marketing staff for Vietnam ceramic company, Minh Chau ceramic brand name. I have been taught and instructed of analyzing market as well as product. Next, experienced staff explained behavior rules in certain situations. Since then, I seemed to make out much more about marketing and to be much interested in this job.” said Le Van Cuong, a volunteer of this event.

Mrs. Dong Thi Trang, Hanoi HYS, chairman of Dong Da district HYS shared: “ quite a few young people take part in this event because this is an ideal environment for them to broaden their horizon, and apply theoretical knowledge to practical life as soon as possible. Moreover, the essence of this event is to do work voluntarily, so this is also a good chance for them to contribute to building and developing country.”

She said that the committee also wanted to convey a message to all students: “The more obstacles you have to deal with, the more knowledge you will achieve. You will devote more if you experience much more.”

Being one of the most dynamic pioneers in almost Hanoi start-up campaigns, HYS holds events, conferences, educational programs in terms of start-up with high frequency. 2017 summer campaign is one of events in series programs to assist young people to become successful entrepreneurs and to contribute to establishing start-up society in Hanoi capital.

Some photos of volunteers joining in event – “ Exchanging old toys, taking green sprouts” which is a specific event in 2017 Summer Campaign.




Credit photos: Ngoc Tram